About Us

Having provided service in Turkey and in international market for more than 20 years with the aim of sharing the historical and cultural values of the city with the next generations, Gürsoy Grup has taken place among the leader establishments of the restoration, protection and repair sector.

Repair - Protection

The purpose in restoring the historical constructions is to protect them as both art work and historical document. We have grounded on being scientific and adopted the methods and approaches pointed out by the international regulations and principles while realizing this purpose.

We know that the memorials are the integral part of the history and place which they witnessed. By restoration, we not only gain the construction to the city once again but therefore, we keep the social memory alive and feet it. 

Restoration requires specialty in each field. Our specialized and experienced team works by using the authentic materials which they use the base for a repair and sticking to the reliable documents with this in mind. By using contemporary methods of which validity has been ensured by the scientific data for the protection and construction where the traditional methods are inadequate, we apply for the science institutions and opinions of the academicians.


Fundamental approach in the protection of the old works is to ensure the permanence and sustainability of the protection. Therefore, while restoring a work, we put effort to make the construction to become an alive and a location which provide opportunity for others to live within itself. We think that the most significant condition for delivering the constructions to the next generations without sacrificing from their identities is to be able to adapt the technological opportunities without causing any harm on the historical identity of the construction and to ensure the re-functioning successfully.

Museum Exhibit-Organization Projects and Applications

As Gürsoy Grup Restoration, we work in the belief and conscience of that the museums are a social communication tool which is of great importance. We produce projects for our common memory and cultural heritage to not be seen as just a value of the past but to become a part of our cultural life with the today’s dynamism. By following the conceptual and technical developments of the world museology of today’s world, we take into consideration the concepts of strengthen of the cultural belonging, interaction and accessibility while working.

New Mosque Projects

In addition to the restoration works which we have been carrying out for long years, we are very proud and happy to construct new mosque concepts activating different functions by integrating the traditional Turkish-Islamic architecture and today’s world patterns which meet the social needs of our era in line with the opportunities provided by the current technology. These new mosques will take place among the significant works of 21th century Turkish-Islamic architecture with the value which they will bring to the city silhouette.

The purpose is to look after the architecture heritage entrusted to us by the Culture and civilization and enable this heritage to become an alive and livable places.

The target is to move forward our brand with the happy employees remembering that the we are a part of the nature and history.