Our Values

Gürsoy Grup is a group of companies aiming for the innovation which it has provided for the today’s needs with the respect towards the existing values and responsibility towards the entrusts it has been provided.


As Gürsoy Grup, we act with the conscience of that the most significant value is the respect which all humanity should possess. We adopt an understanding which respects towards both physical and emotional personality and allows the differences of the individuals in the society in which we live for each project and activity we have launched.
We own out excitement to the spiritual wealth we have and the tradition of the lands where we live. Therefore, we launch projects of sample with the respect we have towards the entrusts by looking after our culture and values.

We prioritize the main principle of environmental sensibility in our all business procedures by inheriting from the generosity which nature shows towards all living creatures. Therefore, we will continue to take tangible steps to keep our history and tradition alive by starting from the importance of each construction taking even a little space in the lives of the society for our society today or even tomorrow.


As Gürsoy Grup we act in principle of being respectful to the literary and moral patterns of our society. While protecting our prestigious stance towards the public mind, philosophy, thought, culture and wisdom, we attach great importance to launch the right, beneficial and sustainable projects for our people.

We are intended to show an active and competent stance in all projects which we have realized with the respect we have towards the national values and the responsibility to become an example in the sector. We make great effort to increase the culture and education level of the individual and society.

Our company acting with the responsibility principle towards today and the future acts with the environmental sensitivity in all business activities and social life. We provide support to the social responsibility projects voluntarily in line with this principle.


As Gürsoy Grup, we already have supported and continue to support the change without sacrificing from our values and principles by prioritizing the change for constant innovation and development. We invest for our employees who will ensure the finalization of each project which we have launched in the best possible way.

We follow the requirements of the day by looking at the whole picture and support the new opinions and products in each project we have handled. We keep the strategy and targets of our establishment by working result-oriented.  Therefore, we prioritize the customer satisfaction and adopt contributing and providing the service of the best quality for them in each business activity we have been included as the prioritized business model. As Gürsoy Grup, we are and will be working for a happy future without sacrificing from being moral, acting moral, representing moral under any circumstances.

Gürsoy Grup