It is the church of Barhal Monastery which is considered to have been constructed by David Magistros, Georgian King between 961-973. It was specified in the manuscripts that the church was committed to John the Baptist. A church and two chapels have reached today.  The construction has been used as a mosque since the mid of 17th century. It is one of the visiting destinations by Georgian tourists.

Barhal Monastery Church has three-naved basilica plan in 28.40x18.65 m. Three gates ensure entrance to the church in the midst of the north, south and west walls. The middle nave is wider and higher than the side naves and the naive separation is ensured by four pairs grades with cross plan and the semicircle arches which connect them. A semicircle planned absis and two-storey rooms take place just near the the apsis. There are 36 windows in 2 different levels indoor. At the west side of the mid nave, there is an original gallery floor. The gallery floor is carried by rectangular two free two wall grades and a semicircle arches connecting them. The church established on a three-legged platform was constructed in infill wall method by using proper face stone. Wall method consisting of filler in-between double walled  face stone on the wall.  Body wall weight is 105 cm. Upper cover of the construction is in saddle roof on the vault. Original top called as Semerdam was constructed as cover method.

The construction was cleaned and additional parts were removed within the scope of the restoration works. Surfaces of the stone tiles and facade covers on the main roof were cleaned. Tile marks which became visible after the removal of the cement surfaces on the nave roofs were documented and covered with stone roof tiles in the original form and measurements. Facade covers and cement repairs on the upper cornices of the facade were removed and completed with original construction method. Research rasps were realized in line with the hand-drawn traces on the apsis. Environmental planning of the construction of which restoration was completed was realized and internal part has started to be used as mosque-museum.

  • Location:
    Yusufeli / Artvin
  • Date:
    2016 - 2018
  • Administration - Employer:
    T.R Prime Ministry General Directorate of Foundations - Trabzon Directorate of Foundations - Eti Bakır A.Ş
  • Category:
    Dini Yapılar