The construction known as Khediva Palace/Mansion is one of the most important Art-Nouveau constructions of Bosporus which reached today from 19th century both because of the usage method of architectural styles and its dimensions. The construction which hosted for various significant persons from the period of I.  Mahmut until the period of II.  Mahmut was demolished in 1899 by Hadiva Emine Valide Pasa and reconstructed with a construction activity lasted till 1901. Their architect is Raimondo D’Aronco and Anthonio Lasciac.

The mansion which is parallel to the sea and in 63x27 meters has a usage area for totally 4500 m2 with its two full floors and attics. There are swan figures on the mansard roof and four observation towers of the construction reflecting French Art-Nouveau style with the characteristics of facade and indoor details. The ceilings have floor and leaf figures which are the typical examples of Art-Nouveau style inside of the construction. Two of the God’s names are written on II. Mahmud’s Sun at the middle of the roof.

The mansion which moved towards the sea for 15 cm was suspended and removed within the scope of the restoration works. Strengthening was realized on the wooden structure of the mansion following the floor strengthening works. Wooden doors and windows, parquet stripes, metal decorations, plaster ceiling decorations and hand-drawn works were restored and missing parts were completed. Environmental planning was realized and the restoration was completed.. It serves as the Cosulate General of Egypt Arabic Republic and Consılate General Residential Area currently.

  • Location:
    Sarıyer / İstanbul
  • Date:
    2008 - 2010
  • Administration - Employer:
    EBFA (Egeypt Foreign Affairs)
  • Category:
    Pavilions - Mansions