Galata Mevlevi Lodge which is the oldest Mevlevi Asithane of Istanbul was constructed by Iskender Pasa in 1491. Numerous figures who have an important role in the history of Islamic mysticism, classical music and Divan literature take place among the postnishines and members of this Mevlevi Lodge. Galata Mevlevi Lodge has gone through various repairs since the beginning of 17th century and decorated with various additional parts and turned out to have an image of small social complex. The buildings consisting the Mevlevi Lodge which has reached today’s plan with the main lines as the result of the renewal made upon the order of  III. Selim during 1791-1792 and gained the latest shape within 19th century.

Mevlevi Lodge constructed as social complex consists of a semahane, dervish cells, sheik room and hunkar’s gathering place, sisters’ place, library, muvakkithane, kitchen, mausoleums and special part.  Wooden semahane is in a octagon plan and one of the most beautiful examples of 18th century’s baroque style. There has been repair manuscript of Sultan Abdulmecid dated 1853 on its main door.

The parts rotted or lost function in the wood framework of the building were replaced and the robust parts were strengthened within the scope of the restoration. Non-qualified parts in wood facade covers, roof cover, wood door and windows were removed and the damaged parts were replaced with the authentic materials. Deficiencies of the original hand-drawn works were completed and protective measurements were taken. Column heads and handrails were rasped and repaired; and all electricity and mechanic installation were renewed. Galata Mevlevi Lodge serves as a museum which is the affiliate of T.R Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

  • Location:
    Beyoğlu / İstanbul
  • Date:
    2007 - 2008
  • Administration - Employer:
    T.R Prime Ministry General Directorate of Foundations - Hüsnü M. Özyeğin Foundation - FİBE Factoring Services
  • Category:
    Museums - Cultural Constructions - Religious Constructions