The building of Galatasaray University was İbrahim Tevfik Efendi Palace, one of the third buildings of Feriye Palaces constructed by Sarkis Balyan, the architecture by Sultan Abdulaziz at the beginnings of 1870s. The construction granted to Galatasaray Highschool in 1930 had been used as classroom and dormitory for girls in Galatasaray Highschool since 1968 and granted to Galatasaray University since 1992 until today. 

İbrahim Tevfik Efendi Palace is a masonry work construction with brick walls and wood furnishing. An axial symmetric planning has been seen in the construction which has 82, 80x33, 40 m. length. It has neoclassic facade elements and shaping principles in terms of facade characteristics. Renaissance arches and Greek-style window forms, door frames and cornices, colons and plasters used to ensure the vertical form of the construction have neoclassic style.

Floor and wall strengthening works were realized in the construction damaged because of the fire caused by the electric contact in 2013 within the scope of the restoration works. Hand-drawns inside the building were protected. Original parts lost in the fire were reconstructed following the completion of the strengthening works. The construction of which restoration is completed is used for training purposes within Galatasaray University.

  • Location:
    Beşiktaş / İstanbul
  • Date:
    2016 - 2019
  • Administration - Employer:
    Galatasaray University - Galatasaray Education Foundation
  • Category:
    Education Constructions Pavilions - Mansions