Gazhane complex is one of the most industrial heritages of Turkey. Water gas usage in Istanbul began upon the illumination of Dolmabahçe Palace in 1853 during the period of Sultan Abdulmecid.  Yedikule Gazhanesi constructed in 1880 and Kuzguncuk Gazhanesi constructed in Anatolian Side were opened to public; however when both facilities couldn’t meet the needs, they were replaced by Kadikoy Hasanpasa Gazhane opened to public in 1891.  Gazhane which launched to serve actively in 1891 met the gas need of Istanbul for 102 years.  Because of the decrease in the gas demand in time, Hasanpaşa Gazhanesi was closed on 13 June 1993.  With the attempt of the residents of Hasanpaşa neighborhood and professional chambers in 1996 works for Gazhane were launched. It was registered as Protection Required Cultural Asset in 2001.

The complex including a steel gasometer for capacity of 6000 m3, steel and brick masonry furnace, coal yard, atelier and administrative constructions was expanded in time by being added with steel, brick masonry, reinforced concrete industrial and administrative constructions or the ones where all of such substances were used all together in time in line with the needs. Since the first gasometer started to not meet the needs, steel gasometers with 10000 m3 capacity in 1938 and with 30000 m3 in 1963 were added.

Different restoration methods in compliance with the conditions of the building within the complex were used in the restoration works of Gazhane Complex.  Activities such as strengthening works in original walls, flooring, foundations, removal from the unqualified additions, repairs and replacement on the defected parts are still under progress and steel reinforcement works are applied within the gasometers.  Constructions which are not available in today’s world are being constructed in compliance with their original structure.  Restoration of the constructions, merchandizing works of the energy museum and environmental planning works are still under progress.  Gazhane Complex which will be an important center of attraction for Istanbul even though it is surrounded by an intense configuration will be opened to the public as one of the most significant social service area in Kadıköy with its culture center, museum, theater and social areas. 

  • Location:
    Kadıköy / İstanbul
  • Date:
    2014 - 2020
  • Administration - Employer:
    Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Technical Works Department for Construction
  • Category:
    Museums - Cultural Constructions Educational Constructions