Hızır Bey Mosque is the two-storey mosque constructed by Hızır Bey, the first khadi and mayor of Istanbul following the conquest. The mosque which has a rectangular plan and rubble stone walls was covered with wooden roof. Minaret which has a single balcony is separated from the main construction. The construction of which original texture cannot be comprehended completely lost its original scheme because of the additions made after 19th century.

The construction was removed from the non-original parts within the scope of the restoration. Non-qualified mortar and plasters on the facade were cleaned and it was grouted with the original mortar. The parts which lost their characteristics on the wooden roof was replaced and strengthening was performed.  Non-qualified parts in roof cover, wood door and windows were removed and the damaged or additional parts were replaced with the authentic materials. Hand-drawn works were restored and protective measures were taken. Restoration was completed upon the realization of the environmental planning.

  • Location:
    Fatih / İstanbul
  • Date:
    2007 - 2010
  • Administration - Employer:
    Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Technical Works Department for Construction
  • Category:
    Religious Constructions