It was constructed by Kastamonu’s Kadı in 1506 during the period of Bayezid. Mehmet Akif Ersoy, our national poet who travelled Anatolia during the national struggle and collected support for War of Independence and carried out researches in Kastamonu and its districts between 19 October-24 December 1920 preach his sermon which was considered as the manifest of War of Independence in Nasrullah Kadı Mosque and read our National Anthem in here for the first time.

Nurullah Kadı Mosque has six-domed grand mosque type.  3 domes on the alter axis and a gathering place for women and Munire Madrassa were added in 1746 during period of Reis’ ul Kuttap Haci Mustafa Efendi. Water tank with a fountain located on courtyard of the mosque which had been constructed as 2 water pools in 1506 was repaired in 1752 and its top was covered.  . Traces of the original minaret of the mosque which was devastated are visible on the North West corner of the construction.  Today’s minaret was constructed in 1915 as an additional construction.

Cement-based joint and coatings were cleaned within the scope of the restoration works of the mosque.  Hand-drawn works dated back 19th century were found as the result of the coating raps on the all of the dome and walls within the mosque and conservation of the findings were realized and taken under protection. Original roof pulleys of lead roof cover were removed and the lead coating was replaced.  Original wood, ceiling and doors were cleaned and completed and taken under protection.  Additional iron woodworks within the last community location were removed and transparent woodworks in compliance with the facade adjustment were replaced.  Original details on the water tank with a fountain which lost the facade aesthetics and rations because of the previous repairs were made visible. The work of which restoration was completed was opened to the worship in 2019.

  • Location:
    Center / Kastamonu
  • Date:
    2014 - 2016
  • Administration - Employer:
    T.R Prime Ministry General Directorate of Foundations Regional Directorate of Kastamonu Foundations
  • Category:
    Religious Constructions