Huber Pavilion was constructed by Huber Siblings at the end of 19th century and beginning of 20th century. It has been predicted that the first architecture of the building is A.  Perpignanı and the date of construction is 1903. However, the additions made to the fundamental building in the second period of the construction were designed by Raimondo D’aranco, Italian architecture. Upon the returning of Huber Siblings to their country after the Second Constitutional Era, the pavilion of which possession was changed was expropriated in 1985 and assigned to General Secretariat of Presidency. 

Huber Pavilion in Art Nouveau style and a mixture of Chinese, Indian, Iranian, Islamic, Ottoman and European architectural styles consists of a pavilion consisting of two-attached buildings, a barn constructed elaborately at the north of the pavilion and Faytonhane consisting of cart-house Setüstü Pavilion, Av Pavilion, vegetation cover created by valuable trees, sculpture Grups, walls and niches. The pavilion is in approximately 40.00x17.00 meters and wood framework three-storey part was added by A.Perpiagnani and masonry part was added by D’aranco. Faytonhane building is a barn of 2-storey-wood-construction established on stone foundations in 33.20x11.60 meters.

Period characteristics including the interventions of D’Aronco, the Architecture were taken as a basis in the restoration works conducted. The additional parts which are not in compliance with the original aspects of the constructions especially. Construction reinforcement was made and the parts which lost their characteristics on the wood framework was replaced and strengthening was made on the parts in good position. Wood facade covers, roof cover, ceiling, wall and furnishing covers, damaged parts on the door and windows were replaced with original materials and the undamaged parts were taken under protection. Conservation of the original architecture elements within the construction were made. Environmental planning activities, inner decorations and landscaping works were completed and launched to serve as Presidency Pavilion.

  • Location:
    Sarıyer / İstanbul
  • Date:
    2015 - 2018
  • Administration - Employer:
    T.R Presidency General Secretariat
  • Category:
    Pavilions - Mansions