It was constructed by Musa Saffet Pasa, Pious Foundations Minister during Tanzimat Reform Era. There has not been any data regarding the construction date; however, it is considered to have been constructed in 1845s based on the verse in the “Asar-ı Ziver Paşa Divan ve Münşeat” by Ziver Pasa. Construction cluster which had been used as dervish lodge until 1933 was used as prime school until 1970s and then as the Archive of General Directorate of Foundations.

The construction cluster consists of dervish lodge building, outbuildings and Kamer Hatun Sıbyan Education School. With random additions, the masonry constructions have had the today’s appearance. Dervish lodge building has an area for 836 m2 and consists of 1 basement, 2 rubble walls, timber flooring and wood hip roof. Ottoman Elementary-Primary School which has a construction area for 140 m2 and outbuilding which has a construction area for 180 mt2 consist of brick walls constructed on garden walls of rubble stones, timber flooring and wood hip roof. 

Original plan schemes and facade plans were reached with the tracks found thanks to the research rasps within the scope of the restoration works. After the additional parts were removed, the cement-based plasters on the masonry parts were removed and repaired with original mortar material. Wood roof which had huge damages and the flooring which lost its characteristics were replaced and the parts which were fine were improved and repaired. After the restoration and conservation works were completed, the environmental planning was done. The construction cluster was re-functioned as a place where the exhibition areas will take placer and the cultural events will be organized.

  • Location:
    Fatih / İstanbul
  • Date:
    2015 - 2018
  • Administration - Employer:
    T.R Presidency General Directorate of Foundations Istanbul 1st Regional Directorate - TURGEV
  • Category:
    Religious Constructions Museums - Cultural Constructions