Süleymaniye Social Complex is the constructions cluster constructed by Architect Sinan upon the order of Suleyman, the Magnificent between 1550-1557. The complex reflecting the art of Sinan and political power of Suleyman, the Magnicent is the symbol of classical period which gives information about the economic and cultural life of the era when its functions are taken into consideration.

There are mausoleums, Madrassa in different characteristics, Darulhadis, hospitals, old Turkish health centers, educational places, hospice, large Ottoman commercial building, Turkish baths, bookcases and stores around the Mosque which has an area for 4.000 meters at the center of the social complex located on 70-decare-land. Suleymaniye Mosque of which foundation was laid in 1550 was completed in 7 years. The mosque has four minarets; and the number of minarets represents that Suleyman, the Magnificent is the fourth sultan following the conquest while the balcony on the minarets represents that Suleyman, the Magnificent is the tenth sultan ever.

Suleymaniye Mosque has gone through various partial repairs since its restoration in 1960. It was handled in a comprehensive way in the restoration which started in 2007. All cement-based plasters and grouts within the work were rasped during the restoration works and original hand-drawn works were found after the rasping activities and conservation of the surfaces were realized and taken under protection. During the rasping activities, unknown tile works were found within the work and protective measurements were taken. Facade cleaning and strengthening works on the stone surfaces were performed. Lead cover and infrastructure on the roofs were renewed. Disinfection of wooden architectural elements was performed and repair and traditional polishing of the ruined surfaces were realized. Original texture of the outside walls and doors of the courtyard were revealed and restored and environmental planning was realized.

  • Location:
    Fatih / İstanbul
  • Date:
    2007 - 2013
  • Administration - Employer:
    T.R Presidency General Directorate of Foundations Istanbul 1st Regional Directorate
  • Category:
    Religious Constructions